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Every retail establishment is different and should be treated as such. There is no one-size-fits-all merchant solution, which is why we customize for your establishment and allow you to focus on your customers.
Restaurant owners operate on thin margins and fast reliable service. Don't make your customers wait on slow credit processing, instead use our fast and reliable custom designed service for your restaurants.
Fewer and fewer people take cash when they go to the grocery store, they want ease of use. Capitalize on that trend and design a solution that meets your customer's needs and puts money into your bank account.
Today, a growing segment of businesses are taking advantage of the speed and convenience of shopping online. We can process payments directly from your website safely and securely through our PCI compliant payment gateway.
The speed and convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home is growing as more people take to the internet to do their shopping. We can help you process payments right from your website with peace of mind. Our solutions are all PCI compliant and are website safe and secure using our payment gateway.
Want to know how may transactions you've had, want them in different formats, want them easy to process and use? Then we've got you covered anytime and anywhere with our reporting features. We want to make sure you have the tools at your disposal.
Reduce refunds, improve your brand awareness, and save money by giving your customer the option to use gift cards. Gift cards provide your business tons of value, increased revenue, and a simple way to spread your brand.
"I thought working with Preferred Merchant Services was going to be like all the other companies out there, time consuming, tedious, and not able to customize my needs. It was pleasant to work with the people at Preferred Merchant Services. Not ony where they easy to talk to they provided me an ultra-customized solution for my small retail shop. And best of all they saved me money on the fees I was paying with the other company."
James Ortiz
"Working with Preferred Merchant Services for my restaurant was easy and straight to the point. You guys are giving the merchant processing industry a good name. Thanks for making it easy, saving me money, customizing to my needs, and getting the job done on time as promised."
Richard Pierce

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