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About Preferred Merchant Services

Here at Preferred Merchant Services, payment processing is made simple!

Preferred Merchant Services provides flexible credit and debit card payment processing platforms that help shape the infrastructure of your business. We are comprised of industry professionals, experienced in dealing with merchant accounts and credit card processing.

At Preferred, our mission is to make your experience with payment processing as simple and easy as possible. We want you to understand our business, rather than exploit you for your lack of knowledge in the industry. We provide you with the whole story, giving you the ins and outs of the business.

We dedicate ourselves to providing the best customer service in our industry. We understand the importance of your processing working the right way, therefore, when you need us, we will be there with strong support.

Preferred provides clients with competitive rates. All types of industries are accepted including small, medium, and large businesses. We provide our clients with a commitment to them and their business. We sought out to become the most cost effective and successful company for you

"I thought working with Preferred Merchant Services was going to be like all the other companies out there, time consuming, tedious, and not able to customize my needs. It was pleasant to work with the people at Preferred Merchant Services. Not ony where they easy to talk to they provided me an ultra-customized solution for my small retail shop. And best of all they saved me money on the fees I was paying with the other company."
James Ortiz
"Working with Preferred Merchant Services for my restaurant was easy and straight to the point. You guys are giving the merchant processing industry a good name. Thanks for making it easy, saving me money, customizing to my needs, and getting the job done on time as promised."
Richard Pierce

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