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Careers at Preferred Merchant Services

Unlike the short-term prospect of some jobs, Preferred Merchant Services is proud to extend the door to a long and lucrative relationship. With us, your relationship will transcend traditional boundaries-you will have stability, flexibility, and unlimited potential.

Whether you are a member of our regional offices, nationwide campaigns, administrative division, or relationship management team, you are an integral part of a close-knit, collaborative system. We have strived to differentiate ourselves from the competition by operating with an unparalleled level of transparency and integrity. With Preferred Merchant Services, you will see yourself grow, and you will have the support of our entire family behind you.

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"I thought working with Preferred Merchant Services was going to be like all the other companies out there, time consuming, tedious, and not able to customize my needs. It was pleasant to work with the people at Preferred Merchant Services. Not ony where they easy to talk to they provided me an ultra-customized solution for my small retail shop. And best of all they saved me money on the fees I was paying with the other company."
James Ortiz
"Working with Preferred Merchant Services for my restaurant was easy and straight to the point. You guys are giving the merchant processing industry a good name. Thanks for making it easy, saving me money, customizing to my needs, and getting the job done on time as promised."
Richard Pierce

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